Centaur Industries was founded by Martin after he stumbled upon the technology behind Thermcoat and Hushcoat while looking for ways to reduce the noise and heat levels in his Rover P6.  Not wanting to suffer the thousand cuts of sound proofing mats, he figured that there had to be a better way.

It was very important to Martin that the products were water based and safe, both from a health and environmental point of view.  Having seen the benefits, he wanted to bring those benefits to others.

Centaur Industries Sound Proofing Thermal Insulation

At Centaur, we want to bring you the best products, at the best possible price, in the sectors where we operate.  We will not aim to be the cheapest, but the best, whilst providing exceptional value.  Thermcoat and Hushcoat are not the cheapest products on the market, but nor are they the most expensive.  They are, however, more effective that a lot of their competition and have significant advantages.

Our business is based on the following ideals:

Customer Focus




We will always be honest in our dealing with our customers and aim to provide them with the best experience possible.

Environmental Protection

We believe that the environment is important, so all of our current, and future, products will be water based and contain the minimum of, or no, hazardous chemicals.

We also commit to our products containing no, or very low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds. Typically these are solvents that will evaporate into the air at room temperature and have been traditionally used in paint and other coating products to help the drying process. VOCs contribute to air pollution by reacting with exhaust fumes and sunlight to create low level ozone and smog.

In addition to protecting the environment, we also believe that we should not be supplying our customers with products that could seriously damage their health, or the health of people around them.

This also has significant benefits to professional installers, in terms of COSHH and employee exposure to hazardous chemicals.  Contact us for more details.

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