The secret to a quieter, more comfortable, car or van.

Hushcoat is an advanced visco-elastic sound deadening coating, proven to reduce noise transfer on metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

  • Reduce noise by up to 8 decibels (60%) with a 0.9mm coat
  • Quick and easy application by spray (recommended) roller or brush
  • Does not absorb oil, fuel or water
  • Forms a seamless barrier – adheres to the metal so moisture cannot get underneath and cause corrosion
  • Can be applied where other products can’t
  • Can be overcoated with Thermcoat, or used as a standalone product
  • 90 Day money back guarantee.

Hushcoat is an effective car and van soundproofing insulation for engine, transmission and road noise. Put it on your firewall/bulkhead, floor, sides and roof.  You can also put it in your wheelarches!


Reducing noise levels in your vehicle improves comfort, reduces stress and can improve concentration levels.

Why do no other car van and 4×4 soundproofing manufacturers offer a money back guarantee on their products?

To be honest, we don’t know.  We know why we offer a money back guarantee on our vehicle soundproofing products, though.  We’re certain that they work well!

Watch the video to the left of this text (full screen is best) for practical proof.  Note the maximum decibels recorded by the sound meter on both the uncoated (first) and coated tests.

Imagine driving your vehicle in quiet comfort, with the intrusive engine and road noise much reduced.  The interior temperature is nice and comfortable, without having the fan on full blast.  You can hear the music from the radio without it blaring.  Feels great, doesn’t it?  Your friends will wonder what you’ve done to transform your vehicle!

So you want to add additional sound deadening to your car, or van, but what to choose?  There’s a whole range of options out there to consider.

The traditional solution is soundproofing mats but these can be heavy and awkward to install.  They come in individual pieces, so there are seams that water can get into, amongst other disadvantages, like having to be cut to shape.  Hushcoat addresses those disadvantages in various ways – see below for the full list of benefits and features.

Full Features and Benefits

  • Quick and easy application by spray, brush, or roller – apply to spaces that traditional mats can’t fit
  • Safe & non-flammable – it is self extinguishing in contact with flame
  • Weighs only 0.3 pounds (136 grams) per square foot when dry – much less than traditional mats
  • Save time on installation compared to cutting and fitting mats
  • Can be over-coated with most paints (after full cure) for a better/OE finish
  • Permanent coating – won’t absorb oil, fuel, or foreign matter
  • Will not allow moisture to contact the surface below to cause corrosion
  • Flexible and conforms fully to all surfaces to which it is applied
  • Water based, non-toxic, no hazardous solvents
  • Clean application tools easily with water
  • Wide temperature range: -34°C to 121°C
  • Apply a greater thickness for additional vibration and sound reduction
  • 90 day money back guarantee

But does it work?

Yes it does!  In controlled testing just a thin coat of Hushcoat (0.9mm) reduced noise levels by 8 decibels, that’s a 60% reduction in noise.  A thicker coating can reduce noise levels even further.  Again, the video above demonstrates how well it works.

Hushcoat works best on metallic surfaces, but can also be used on wood and GRP.  On wood and GRP the results will not be as noticeable and a greater thickness may be required.

Hushcoat operates in temperatures from -34°C to 121°C making it suitable for application in all areas of your car, van or 4×4.

What is it?

Hushcoat is a water based, non-toxic, sound damping coating, designed to be applied by spray, roller, or brush.  It is a highly effective sound deadening insulation that can be used instead of soundproofing mats or can be used in addition to them, in areas that mats just can’t cover.

How does it work?

Hushcoat works in two ways – it reduces panel vibration by mass loading (adding weight, the same method as sound proofing mats) and converting the vibration to low grade heat, which is then released from the surface.

Don’t worry about making the inside of your car warmer, the heat emitted is only detectable with very sensitive equipment.  If you want to add thermal insulation as well, Thermcoat can be added on top of Hushcoat.

Can you use it for Defender sound proofing?

Hushcoat is an ideal product for soundproofing your Land Rover, and other 4×4’s, particularly if you use it off road.  It adheres well to the underlying metal, and does not absorb water and mud.  It is also completely waterproof when cured, so can be hosed down easily.

How come you’ve never heard of this kind of soundproofing before?

For reasons we can’t identify, this kind of insulating coating has not generally been available in the UK, for automotive use.  Similar products are regularly used by car restorers and custom car / hot rod builders in the US for their projects.  Variants of Hushcoat have been used in marine and industrial environments for the last 10 years, so this product is both new and proven!

Application notes

Like all coatings, and like self adhesive mats, the surface to be coated should be free of all oil, grease and loose material.  A primer, etch where appropriate, is recommended for ferrous metals, to prevent flash rusting.  Apply to a lightly abraded surface for best adhesion.

The product should not be applied to substrates under 8°C.

Spraying provides the best finish.  Hushcoat can be applied with any undercoating gun – we’re working on getting a suitable gun added to our store (accessed via the products link on the navigation bar).

If you don’t have spray equipment, don’t worry, roller application is almost as good.  Use a short nap, good quality, roller sleeve for the best finish.  Long nap rollers will add a stippled effect to the finish, which might not be desired.

We recommend that Hushcoat is painted over with a stone guard, or other suitable paint when being used underneath your vehicle, or in any other area that may be exposed to damage from flying objects.

Hushcoat is guaranteed effective in reducing noise levels.
£167 for 5 litres (covers approx 4 square metres / 44 sq ft at 0.9mm) or,

£88 for 2.5 litres (covers approx 2 square metres / 22 sq ft at 0.9mm)

Order now and we’ll pay your shipping.



Hushcoat Sound Deadener Soundproofing for Cars Vans and 4x4's
Hushcoat Surface Finish

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