The secret to a quieter, more comfortable, car or van.

Reduce heat transfer, or your money back!  Thermcoat is an advanced thermal insulation, proven to reduce heat transfer through metallic and non metallic surfaces.

  • Reduces heat transfer by up to 30° C per mm applied.
  • Does not absorb oil and water. Forms a seamless barrier on metal so water cannot get underneath.
  • Fully oil, fuel, water (and mud) proof when cured.
  • Quick and easy application by spray (recommended), roller or brush.
  • Water based – no harmful chemicals and easy clean up with water and soap.
  • Use internally, or externally.
  • 90 Day money back guarantee.

Thermcoat works as an effective thermal insulation for your car, van or 4×4.  It works for both engine and transmission heat and solar heat transfer. Put it on your firewall/bulkhead, floor, sides and your roof!


Reducing heat levels in your vehicle will improve comfort and can improve concentration levels.

Why do no other car and van insulation manufacturers offer a money back guarantee on their products?

To be honest, we don’t know.  We know why we offer a money back guarantee on our vehicle insulation products, though.  We’re certain that they work well!

Watch the video to the left of this text (full screen is best) for practical proof.  I can put my hand one side of the griddle while water boils on contact on the other side!

That was just a 5mm coating of Thermcoat.

Imagine driving your vehicle in quiet comfort, with the uncomfortable heat from the engine and transmission much reduced.  The interior temperature is nice and comfortable, without having the fan on full blast.  You can hear the music from the radio without it blaring.  Feels great, doesn’t it?  Your friends will wonder what you’ve done to transform your vehicle!

So you want to add additional heat insulation to your car, or van, but what to choose?  There’s a whole range of options out there to consider.

One solution is the heat blankets, normally material or glass wool between foil.  These can be awkward to install.  They can also absorb oil and water over time, particularly in the engine bay.  Thermcoat addresses those disadvantages in various ways – see below for the full list of benefits and features.

What are the Features and Benefits?

  • Quick and easy application by spray (recommended), roller or brush
  • Will not absorb oil or water
  • Can be applied internally and externally
  • Can be sanded smooth and painted (apply a thicker than recommended coat if sanding)
  • Forms a seamless barrier – adheres to the metal so moisture cannot get underneath and cause corrosion
  • Water based – no harmful chemicals and easy clean up
  • Can be applied on top of Hushcoat, or used as a standalone product
  • Proven in service in demanding marine and industrial environments
  • Thicker coatings can be applied to further reduce heat transfer
  • Has also been proven to reduce noise levels, but is not as effective as Hushcoat

Where can I use it?

Thermcoat will reduce heat soaking into the cabin from the engine, transmission and exhaust when used on the floor, transmission tunnel and bulkheads.  It can also be used in the roof, or on the sides, to reduce heat soak from the sun.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but Thermcoat has proven itself in service in both marine and industrial environments, and in controlled tests. In testing, just a thin coat of Thermcoat (1mm) reduced the temperature of a pipe from 200 °F (93.3 °C) to 114 °F (63.3 °C) as measured by a calibrated Thermesthesiometer (a device for measuring skin sensitivity to heat).

Thermcoat works at temperatures between -62 and +177°C.

For external use, Thermcoat has been tested for resistance to salt spray, against standard ASTM B117. It passed with flying colours, surviving 2,100 hours (nearly 3 months) continuous exposure with no deterioration or loss of adhesion to the metal.

Overcoating with a stone guard material is recommended in areas subject to impact from flying objects, stones etc

What is it?

A blend of microscopic gas filled ceramic spheres to provide the thermal barrier and other mineral additives to increase the reflection of heat.  This is blended with a high quality acrylic binder that adheres exceptionally well and will expand and contract with the coated surface.

How come you’ve never heard of this kind of coating before?

We’re not sure why this type of car, van and 4×4 heat insulation hasn’t been available in the UK.  Similar products are regularly used by car restorers and custom car / hot rod builders in the US for many of their projects.  Variants of Thermcoat have been used in marine and industrial environments for the last 10 years, so this product is both new and proven!

Application notes

Like all coatings, the surface to be coated should be free of all oil, grease and loose material.  A primer, etch where appropriate, is recommended for ferrous metals, to prevent flash rusting.  Apply to a lightly abraded surface for best adhesion.

The product should not be applied to substrates under 8°C.

Spraying provides the best finish.  Thermcoat can be applied with any undercoating gun – we’re working on getting a suitable gun added to our store (accessed by the products tab, in the header).

For full application notes, check out our downloads section.

Thermcoat is guaranteed effective in reducing heat levels.
£129 for 5 litres (covers approx 3.9 square metres / 42 sq ft at 1.0mm),or

£68 for 2.5 litres (covers approx 1.9 square metres / 21 sq ft at 1.0mm)

Order now and we’ll pay your shipping.



Thermal Insulation for Cars Vans & 4x4's
Thermcoat Surface Finish

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